John Auckland

Founder at TribeFirst

Panel Discussion: 16.45 – 17.30 Keeping the momentum up – What investors look for on crowdfunding platforms 


John Auckland, has nearly two decades of communications and business experience. He spent 10 years writing murder mysteries and internal communication programmes for some of the top global brands, such as Vodafone, BP and Astra Zenica, before founding a copywriting agency, which serviced clients ranging from corporates such as BT to start-ups such as Hello Fresh. He sold his agency before he turned 30 then became a director of a marketing agency, Thread Media, where he helped conceive and run Project Brabham for the former F1 team, Brabham Racing, which at the time was the world’s biggest sports crowdfunding campaign. He left Thread to form TribeFirst, the first global crowdfunding communications agency to offer a risk/reward model on equity and rewards crowdfunding campaigns.

TribeFirst partners with a number of global crowdfunding platforms. They’ve supported over 20 crowdfunding campaigns that have raised more than £3m at a success rate of over 85%.

John is also a Virgin StartUp Ambassador and is facilitator of their new crowdfunding accelerator. John regularly runs workshops and speaks at events on the subject of effective marketing and PR for crowdfunding campaigns. He is also a published author, where he imagines the future through his speculative fiction novels. His latest novel, Ghosts in the Machine, is being published through the crowdfunding publishing house, Unbound, later in the year.