Joel Burgess

Founder & CEO at Nutrifix

Seminar: 13.35 – 14.05 How Nutrifix started from zero to build an entire community of investors (with ZERO budget) 


Joel is the founder and CEO of Nutrifix, a nutrition app that locates healthy meals nearby to buy or have delivered; all tailored to your body’s needs. Nutrifix successfully raised £200k in May 2017 and are launching in January 2018.

Joel’s passion has always been health & fitness and years of competitive rugby meant a superior diet to keep his game at its peak. Unfortunately, a neck dislocation and two operations put a temporary hurdle in his path.

While Joel was forced to make peace with the fact that he could no longer play, his outlook on life changed and health & fitness became more of a priority than ever.

With a love of food, Joel stepped into the restaurant & food industry. Despite having the best intentions, Joel soon found whilst living a busy hectic life it was all too easy to fall off the health “band wagon”.

The busier we become the more our body suffers. As a result Joel was determined to develop a solution that doesn’t involve hours of preparation and encourages healthy lifestyle choices on the go. And Nutrifix was born.