Alex Stephany

Founder, Beam and Board Advisor, JustPark and Spacehive

Seminar: 10.35 – 11.05 Beam’s essential launch checklist for planning your campaign


Alex Stephany is an entrepreneur and author based in London. As CEO of JustPark,
he grew the team from 2 to over 40 and a customer base of over three quarters of
a million people in the UK. He also raised a Series A from Index Ventures and what
was the largest ever crowdfunding round for a tech startup, raising over £3.5m
from over 2,700 individual investors.

Alex is also the author of a critically-acclaimed book on the sharing economy and
crowdfunding, The Business of Sharing, published by Macmillan. The Business of
Sharing takes an entrepreneur’s view on the sharing economy and includes
interviews with the likes of the founders of Airbnb, Zipcar and BlaBlaCar, drawing
on his experience in business and negotiating regulation with Government.

Alex has recently founded, Beam, a social enterprise that is taking crowdfunding in
an important new direction.